Q: Do parents have to pay if they aren’t jumping?
A: No, there is no charge for parents who aren’t jumping. If parents are planning to jump then they are required to purchase a jump time.

Q: Who fills out a waiver?
A: All jumpers must have a valid waiver on file. If jumpers are under the age of 18, their waiver must be completed by a parent or legal guardian. Waivers can be filled out online or at our location. Online waivers do not expire.

Q: Should we reserve a jump time before we come?
A: You can always reserve a time before you come or you can just show up!

Q: Why do you have a time limit?
A: We have a large amount of traffic coming in and out of our facility and we have a capacity of 150 jumpers. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to jump!

Q: Can I leave my child once we check in?
A: No child under the age of 13 should be left alone.

Q: Do you buy socks each time you come?
A: Once you buy the socks you keep bringing them back each time you come!

Q: Is there a weight limit?
A: The facility weight limit is 250 pounds

Q: Are there any age restrictions?
A: Our playground area is for ages 10 and younger. Our Parkour section is for 13 and older.

Q: Do you sell gift cards online?
A: We do not sell gift cards online however, If you call us you can purchase some over the phone and we will mail it out to you!

Q: I’ve been trying to call and I am not getting through to anyone?
A: We are often times very busy during the day so we can not get to the phone. If you leave us a message we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Can I bring in a cake if I don’t book a party?
A: We do not allow people to bring a cake in if you do not have a party booked.

Q: Is the Playground and Ninja Course included?
A: Yes! Although the playground is ages 10 and under the Ninja Course is all ages!

Q: Do you have seating for adults?
A: We have couches and benches all around!

Q: During Glow Night can I drop my child off for the entire time?
A: The longest amount of time you can be in the facility for is 2 hours, please do not drop your child off for the entire night. We ask that parents do not leave any child 13 and under unaccompanied.

Q: How do you handle cleaning equipment?

A: We take cleanliness very seriously! We have a special ball cleaner that sucks ups all the balls, washes them and puts it back into the ball pit. In between these cleanings we use a fogger to spray the playground with a hospital grade disinfectant. For our foam pits we are cleaning one out every 2 weeks. This process takes about 2.5 hours. As we clean the pit and find any treasures that people may have lost we also will fog the foam to help disinfect it. For all other equipment we are constantly cleaning and wiping down everything with cleaners that kill bacteria that is left behind. If you ever have questions about this please reach out and we would be happy to go more into detail!

Q: Do you have memberships available?

A: We have monthly memberships available.  The first membership is $39.99 and each family membership after is $29.99. The membership is good for 30 days from the date you purchase it. With the membership you can come everyday up to 2 hours, get 15% off snacks, drinks and T-shirts.  You can receive 30% off birthday packages during the month you are a pass holder. *Please note that some special events may not be included with your membership.

Q: Who can purchase a Toddler Parent Ticket?

A: We allow one Toddler Parent ticket per paid toddler admission. Example: if you buy 2 toddler tickets you can purchase 2 toddler parent tickets. Ticket must be for parent or supervising adult.

Party FAQ

Q: Are socks included?
A: Yes socks are included in the price of the party!

Q: Can we book a party with more jump time?
A: Yes, you can book a party for 90 minutes of jumping! Give us a call and we can add it to your package!

Q: How far in advanced should I book?
A: We ask that you book at least a week in advanced.

Q: Why can’t I select the day I want?
A: Make sure you are selecting the right package, Monday-Thursday is considered a week day and Friday-Sunday is a weekend.

Q: Can we come early to decorate?
A: You may show up 15-20 minutes early to get checked in. We will let you in your room at that time if there is no previous party finishing their time.

Q: Do you offer a smaller package than 10 jumpers?
A: If you have a party smaller than 10 please call us at 827-7888.

General Pricing
60 Minute Jump $14.00
90 Minute Jump $20.00
120 Minute Jump $25.00
Jump Socks $2.50
Jumper weight limit 250 pounds
Toddler Pricing
(42" and under)
60 Minute Jump $8.00
90 Minute Jump $11.00
120 Minute Jump $14.00
1 Toddler parent ticket per paid toddler (Parent jumps at the same rate as toddler)

Toddler Time
(5 and Younger)
Every Friday 10am-12pm except on school vacation and holiday's.
One adult jumps free with toddler admission.
60 Minute Jump $8.00
90 Minute Jump $11.00
120 Minute Jump $14.00

College Discount
$2 off your jump time. (Not valid on school vacations or Holiday's)

Glow Night Pricing
60 Minute Jump $10.00
120 Minute Jump $18.00
Toddler Pricing
(42" and under)
60 Minute Jump $5.00
120 Minute Jump $10.00

Schools & Group Events
We welcome groups of all sizes. Special Rates Available. Please contact us for pricing.
Gift cards not currently available online. Please stop by our location to purchase or call for more information.

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